Debbie loves to connect with people. She is especially passionate about normalizing the experience of grief. She speaks regularly in professional settings and would love to be invited to your organization, conference, workshop setting, grief support group, or book group.

Debbie has presented or been invited as a panelist for:

Some of Debbie’s offerings include…

  Conversations about Grief, Healing, and Transformation: an event offering experiential exercises and the opportunity for participants to engage with Debbie about this deep and complex subject

  Workshops for grievers and those who want to help (this can be tailored to specific needs)

  Teaching mental health professionals how to work with clients who are experiencing shock, grief, and loss

   Teaching mental health professionals about trauma and neurobiology

  Workshops about Work/Life Balance

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Welcome! So glad you have joined me.


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Welcome! So glad you have joined me.

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