Holding Space for Your Heart in Grief, Healing, and Hope

With the connection of a shared experience,
Debbie’s book ‘You Are Not Alone’ is a guide through grief, transformation, and a new beginning.

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““You Are Not Alone” is a must read for anyone dealing with extreme loss, and a recommended book for the rest of us. It’s a wonderful combination of story and guide. Organized in a way that makes it both a riveting read, as well as a practical how-to book on rebuilding one’s life after devastating loss.”    
— Yitzhak Berger, Ph.D., CRC
Adjunct Associate Professor, Applied Psychology Dept., New York University

Your place to learn and practice simple techniques for easing anxiety. In these free videos, Debbie teaches therapeutic techniques to use whenever you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

A free, 5-part video series about grief and healing with Debbie Augenthaler. Words of Comfort is for anyone who is newly grieving or who is still deeply feeling the loss of someone they lost in the past.

I wrote my Grief Story on Kauai, now you can write with me

Right before I left New York for Kauai to begin to write my book, Jim began showing up in my dreams again. He told me everything I needed was inside of me and promised all would be well. I was nervous about leaving all I knew to follow my heart to a place I’d never...

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