Recently, someone contacted me via my website, asking how they could find help. They were in deep grief and wanted to know how they could find a therapist. When I wrote her back, I received an error message for the email address. And I understood. When we’re feeling overwhelmed, it’s easy to mistype an email address. Things like this are normal when we’re grieving. It’s hard to focus and concentrate.

I’m sharing what I wrote because it’s a message for anyone who is grieving and needs support. If you, or anyone you know needs help, here’s what you can do when you don’t know what to do.

I urge anyone needing support to seek the services of a qualified therapist who can help you through this difficult time. You can go on Psychology Today’s website and follow the steps to find someone in your area. Their website is here:

Another option is to go to this page on my website and scroll to the bottom. There is a blue button that says “If you are in need of support, please click here for a list resources.” There you will find a list of agencies and phone numbers for anyone in crisis. 

Also on my website I offer the Toolbox Series. These are four free videos that offer simple techniques for relieving anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. We are living in difficult times. Many of us are grieving or experiencing anxiety, stress, irritability, and feeling overwhelmed. These techniques are an offering to help ease some of these feelings. You can do them anywhere and it only takes a minute or two. The Toolbox Series is here:

If you’re grieving, know that it’s normal to feel overwhelmed and anxious. And it’s okay to ask for help.

Please note:

*These tools and my website are not a substitute for psychotherapy or other forms of professional support. If you are in need of help, I urge you to find a qualified therapist who can provide support.



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