Right before I left New York for Kauai to begin to write my book, Jim began showing up in my dreams again.

He told me everything I needed was inside of me and promised all would be well. I was nervous about leaving all I knew to follow my heart to a place I’d never been.


Photo Credit: PF Bentley


It had been many years since he died, and he was right – I was led to the stunning north shore of Kauai where I could hear the ocean, watch the moon and the Milky Way at night, walk the magic of Hanalei Bay, and begin writing in the living room of writing workshop teacher Laura Lentz every week. The experience of writing in a group with other writers was so creatively opening, that many of the stories that poured out of me became the basis of my book, You Are Not Alone.


I learned so much working with Laura and all the other amazing writers in her groups. Writing our grief stories is healing, but the real healing starts when we read our stories out loud to each other, in a small, guided writing circle, a safe space where hearts open and expand.


And that’s how our popular writing workshopWrite Your Grief Story, began – where we help you to explore your Grief Stories and personal transformations through the Hero’s Journey – a concept made popular by Joseph Campbell. Both Laura and I know every life journey has elements of grief, and every grief story is a hero’s journey, because we are forever changed by grief.


Now, I’m excited to announce Laura Lentz and I have been asked to teach this workshop at The Kauai Writers Conference beginning November 4th, 2019. In this workshop, we can promise the magic of Kauai will feed your creativity.  Kauai is a place that has become a creative hub and one of the most healing places to visit in the world.


Photo Credit: PF Bentley



Writers Share Their Grief Stories

To show you the kind of magic that happens in our writing workshop, we have chosen three stories for you to read by three of our students who have explored their grief in our online Write Your Grief Story class.

Laura Gonsalves writes a heart opening letter and a prayer to her daughter Tess, after reading an entry in her diary where she explores a world where her Tess is still alive, going to college, getting married, and having a healthy baby in her stunning story Dearest Tess.



Dr. Jan Seward explores her many grief’s through the rings in a 700-year old Yew tree, each ring representing another loss, starting with her beloved grandmother when she was fifteen.



And Maggie Thompson writes an amazing and funny letter to Grief.  Every time she opens the door, grief wants to come inside, and finally she allows the uninvited guest into the kitchen, and even into her bedroom.  “You even had the audacity to crawl into bed with me into the darkness of the night.”  Finally, another unexpected guest shows up, ringing her doorbell.  Read “Grief Comes to Visit” for a fresh perspective on grieving.



I invite you to read the blog I wrote for last year’s Writers Conference about Kauai, synchronicity, and how my book came to be.



Laura and I can’t wait to share Kauai with you and help you write your Grief Story. If you’re interested in joining our healing and creative circle please click here for the details and to see what other writers have said about the experience of being in one of our workshops. We hope to have the honor of working with you in person in Kauai!



Read the book that I was inspired to write as a part of my healing journey through grief.

It’s also a wonderful gift for anyone in your life who is grieving and for those who want to help.



You can find it online at Amazon and Barnes and Noble. 









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