I’m excited to share the fourth video in The Toolbox Series: Counted Breathing for anxiety, stress, and overwhelm. The technique I walk you through below is very simple, and it will help you to feel calmer, more grounded, and present in the moment.

Anxiety activates the part of our nervous system responsible for the fight or flight response. When this gets activated, your heart rate and breathing speeds up and stress hormones like cortisol are released. The Counted Breathing technique in this video activates the parasympathetic nervous system. When this part of your nervous system in is in “control”, your heart rate drops, your blood pressure lowers, and breathing slows, allowing your body to be in a state of calm.

All you have to do is exhale for a few counts longer than the inhale. Try it here:

All of the techniques (or “tools”) in the Toolbox Series are designed to help alleviate anxiety and calm you, but are not a replacement for therapy. If you are experiencing high anxiety or panic attacks often I highly recommend finding a therapist who can help you.

Please enjoy, use, and share with others. If you have any comments I’d love to hear from you.

Sending you love and peace.



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