eternal life death divine

I look down at the dying old man, laying in the hospital bed, sterile white sheets, sterile stainless steel machines just beyond.

I see his face clearly. Craggy, distinct features. Big nose, large, thick, dark eyebrows, blue eyes with long lashes. Thick skin with creases lining his face. No fragility about him.

He is not someone I know.

The doctor is holding his hand with tremendous compassion. Looking him right in the eye, just as every dying person deserves. Joining him in his last moment, connecting, saying you are not alone.

Holding his hand tightly, the doctor leans forward and asks, “What is the happiest moment you have had here on this earth?”

I listen to the old man’s vibrant voice. “When I saw my daughters being born. I created life, and I saw them come into this world. That was my happiest moment.”

He looked up at the doctor with awe, an expression of pure love and happiness emanating from inside, and said, “My second happiest moment is now – as I’m about to leave this earth and transition.”

As he was dying, saying these words, his face transformed. It became brighter, radiant. Filled with light. He looked up with beautiful clear blue eyes and said,

“I did it! I did it! I just died, and it’s beautiful!”

His smile filled the room.

The old man was full of joy, beaming. The doctor kept holding his hand while looking into his eyes.

It seemed odd. I thought, he just died, how can he still be speaking?

But enough of his spirit stayed to tell us how beautiful it was. He wanted us to see he was filled with joy, to know the place he had stepped into was filled with joy. I’ve never seen such an expression of pure radiance. Glowing with child-like amazement and happiness.

eternal life death divine

This was a dream. This wasn’t a dream.

I look around my bedroom, at the shades of blue and cream and calm. I miss him already.

He is not someone I know. He is everyone I know.


We are born with the divine in us. The moment of birth, of entry into this world, is an expression of the divine. The moment of death, of transition to the next, is an expression of the divine. And every single moment in between is an expression of the divine.eternal life death divine

WE are expressions of the divine.

The old man’s joy over creating life, a metaphor for all we create, as humans, in this world. Creativity comes from the divine.

Two days after I had this dream, my friend DearJames sent me an email:

Dearest Debbie,

This came to me in my meditation, and I wanted to forward it to you for consideration and contemplation in your book:

“Death awaits no one. It is an inevitable illusion. When it is your time to transition from one realm to another, do so with love, excitement, joy, and anticipation in your heart. For all of life is eternal and ongoing. So it is said, so shall it be.”



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